Elena Castroviejo

Ikerbasque Research Fellow
Department of Linguistics and Basque Studies
University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)

I am an Ikerbasque Research Fellow at the Department of Linguistics and Basque Studies (UPV/EHU). I am a linguist interested in natural language semantics (semantics and pragmatics). I like working with cross-linguistic data and linguistic constructions more generally in trying to decipher how the content(s) of complex expressions are compositionally derived.

I have worked on exclamative clauses, degree constructions, modification, evaluativity, non-at-issue meanings, modality, discourse structure, conversational implicature... on the basis of data from Romance.
I'd say nowadays my broad research topic is the interaction between meaning types.

To know more about me and my work, you can also check out the following sites:

Personal website
Ikerbasque website
Research gate

Academic Degrees


PhD in Cognitive Science and Language, Universitat de Barcelona, 2006.

BA in Linguistics, Universitat de Barcelona, 2002.

Talks, Publications & Manuscripts
Talks (Last 2 years)

Castroviejo, E. & L. Mayol. 2017. Echoicity and contrast in Spanish conditionals. Talk at the Workshop "Non-at-Issue Meaning and Information Structure". University of Oslo, May 9th.


Castroviejo, E. & L. Mayol. 2017. Echoic contrastive conditionals in Spanish. Talk at 42 Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages [LSRL42]. University of Delaware, Newark, April 20.

Castroviejo, E. & B. Gehrke. 2017. `Good' as an evaluative intensifier. Poster at GLOW's Compositionality Workshop. Universiteit Leiden, March 14.

Castroviejo, E. & B. Gehrke. 2017. Non-truth-conditional intensification. The case of `good'. Talk at 49.Jahrestagung der Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Sprachwissenschaft. Workshop on Secondary Information and Linguistic Encoding. Universität Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, March 8.

Castroviejo, E. & B. Gehrke. 2016. From a subsective evaluative adjective to an intensifier. The case of `good'. Talk at Going Romance 2016, Universität Frankfurt, December 9.

Castroviejo, E. & L. Mayol. 2016. An underlying concessive structure for the two readings of at least. Poster at New Ideas in Semantics and Modeling [NISM], Paris-Diderot, September 8.

Castroviejo, E. & L. Mayol. 2015. The building blocks of at least: evidence from Catalan. Talk at Going Romance 29, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, December 11.

Castroviejo, E. & B. Gehrke. 2015. On extreme degree and positive polarity. Talk at the A9 Session on Varieties of Positive Polarity Items. 37. Jahrestagung der Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Sprachwissenschaft [DGfS], Universität Leipzig, March 5.

Publications (last 3 years)

Fernández Soriano, O., E. Castroviejo & I. Pérez-Jiménez. 2017. Boundaries, phases and interfaces. Case studies in honor of Violeta Demonte. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. ISBN 9789027257222.

Castroviejo, E., O. Fernandez Soriano & I. Perez-Jimenez. 2017. Introduction. Boundaries, phases and interfaces. In Fernandez Soriano, O., E. Castroviejo & I. Perez-Jimenez (eds.) Boundaries, phases and interfaces. Case studies in honor of Violeta Demonte. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 1-23. ISBN 9789027257222. DOI: 10.1075/la.239.01cas.

Castroviejo, E. & I. Oltra-Massuet. 2016. What does `be capable' tell us about capacities? An answer from Romance. In Martin, F., M. Pittero & T. Pross (eds.) Morphological, Syntactic and Semantic Aspects of Dispositions. SinSpec, Working Papers of the SFB 732, 30-51. DOI: 10.18419/opus-8869.

Gehrke, B. & E. Castroviejo. 2016. On the degree effect of good events. In Bade, N. P. Berezovskaya & A. Scholler (eds.) Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 20 [SuB20], 252-269.

Castroviejo, E. & B. Gehrke (invited editors). 2015. Manner and Degree Modification Across Categories. Topic & Comment Special Issue. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory Vol 33.3:745-1055. ISSN 0167-806X.

Gehrke, B. & E. Castroviejo. 2015. Manner and Degree: an introduction. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory. 33.3: 745-1055. DOI: 10.1007/s11049-015-9288-6.

Smith, E. A., E. Castroviejo & L. Mayol. 2015. Cross-Linguistic Experimental Evidence Distinguishing the Role of Context in Disputes over Taste and Possibility. In Christiansen, H., I. Stojanovic, G. A. Papadopoulos (eds.) Modeling and Using Context. 9th International and Interdisciplinary Conference, CONTEXT 2015, Lanarca, Cyprus, November 2-6,2015. Proceedings. Berlin: Springer, 454-467. ISBN 978-3-319-25590-3.

Castroviejo, E. & I. Oltra-Massuet. 2015. Capacities and their epistemic extensions. In Tortora, C., M. den Dikken, I.L. Montoya & T. O'Neill (eds.) Romance Linguistics 2013. Selected papers from the 43rd Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), New York, 17-19 April 2013., Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 59-78. ISBN 9789027203892.

Castroviejo, E. & B. Gehrke. 2015. A good intensier. In Murata, T., Mineshima, K. & D. Bekki (eds.) New Frontiers in Articial Intelligence (JSAI-isAI 2014 Workshops, LENLS, JURISIN, and GABA, Kanagawa, Japan, November 23-24, 2014, Revised Selected Papers), Berlin: Springer, 114-129. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-662-48119-6 9. ISBN 978-3-662-48119-6.

Castroviejo, E., I. Oltra-Massuet & I. Pérez-Jiménez. 2015. Bare PPs and the syntax-semantics interface: The case of SIN+bare nominal structures in Spanish. In Smith, J. & T. Ihsane (eds.) Romance Linguistics 2012. Selected papers from the 42nd Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), Cedar City, Utah, 20-22 April 2012, Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 201-214. DOI: 10.1075/rllt.7.13cas. ISBN 9789027203878.

Castroviejo, E. & B. Gehrke (invited editors). 2014. Modification at the Interfaces. Lingua Special Issue. Vol. 149PA: 1-93.

Castroviejo, E. & B. Gehrke. 2014. Modification at the Interfaces: An introduction. In Lingua 149PA: 1-16. DOI: 10.1016/j.lingua.2014.07.004.

Oltra-Massuet, I. & E. Castroviejo. 2014. A syntactic approach to the morpho-semantic variation of -ear. In Lingua 151PB: 120-141. DOI: 10.1016/j.lingua.2014.07.018.

Mayol, L. & E. Castroviejo. 2014. Evaluative adverbs in questions: a comparison between French and Catalan. In Baglini, R., T. Grinsell, J. Keane, A. Roth Singerman & J. Thomas (eds.) Proceedings of the 46th Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society [CLS 46], vol. 2: 143-158. ISSN 0577-7240.


Castroviejo, E., L. McNally & G. W. Sassoon. (invited editors). submitted. Gradability, Vagueness and Scale Structure. Experimental Perspectives. Berlin: Springer (under contract).

Castroviejo, E., L. McNally & G.W. Sassoon. submitted. Gradability, Vagueness, and Scale Structure: From the Armchair to the Lab. In Castroviejo, E., L. McNally & G.W. Sassoon (eds.) Gradability, Vagueness and Scale Structure. Experimental Perspectives. Berlin: Springer.

Castroviejo, E. Exclamatives. accepted. In Matthewson, L., C. Meier, H. Rullmann & T.E. Zimmermann (eds.) Companion to Semantics. New York: Wiley.

Castroviejo, E. & L. Mayol. accepted. The building blocks of Catalan at least. To appear in Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2015. Selected papers from `Going Romance' Nijmegen 2015. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Castroviejo, E. & I. Oltra-Massuet. to appear. An emphatic abilitative modal. Ser capaç vs. Be able. To appear in Proceedings of the 49th Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society [CLS49]. ISSN 0577-7240.

Research Projects (PI)

On the interaction between Meaning Types: compositionality and discourse structure. Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad, Ref.FFI2015-66732-P, EUR. 23,716, 2016-2018.

At the intersection of modification and scalarity: the semantic mapping of scale structure onto the interpretation of modifiers. Ministerio de
Economía y Competitividad, Ref. FFI2012-34170, EUR. 17,550, 2013-2015.